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The Naughty Oracle || Naomi Beth
Welcomes You to Learn How to Heal Yourself
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The Naughty Oracle's

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Naomi Beth shares her Oracle Card Decks and Energy Clearings in these free videos for you to expand your wisdom on all things spiritual and the current energetic themes of the upcoming week...

Naomi Beth talking and telling it like it is, in the big boiling pot of reality with spirituality... ​clearing what needs to be cleared from all of us in this present moment...

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The Naughty Oracle Card Deck

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Buy a signed copy of The Naughty Oracle Card Deck. Autographed from both author, Naomi Beth and artist, Dorothy Davidson.

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About Naomi Beth || The Naughty Oracle

I am the Naughty Oracle

My name is Naomi Beth

I like to remove all BS

And tell it like it is

I feel all life's crappy chaos

So strongly in my soul

So strongly I desire to be away

From all of earth's A-holes

Nature is my healer

She nurtures my whole being

That is why I practice

My own way of Shamanic Clearing

I work best from a distance

So I can focus and be true

To what needs to be reprogrammed and cleared

From your soul and around you

If you feel that you need me

We will definitely find a way

To energetically heal together

In our own intuitive ways


I'm a bit rough around the edges. I open your mind to different perspectives on all aspects of spirituality, shifting your energies into calm and clarity. I demonstrate how beautiful souls can cope and exist as humans, even against all odds. I love to swear and I let chaos and BS flow out of me freely.

I was the kooky kid on the block, hiding up in trees, dancing in puddles and enjoying my own company in the 1970's.

I survived being an awkward nerdy teenager in the 1980's.

I graduated as a high school mathematics teacher and became a young career woman in the 1990's.

I married a local grain farmer and gave birth to two healthy boys in the 2000's.

I survived being a mother of teenage boys in the 2010's.

And now I return to being me in the 2020's.

I am a Shaman, Reiki & Seichim Master, Bardic Druid, Earth Lover, and Grid Worker. 

I am a Creative and Humanitarian, and I love to make others feel that they can conquer their own world.

I am an Empath that processes energy naturally. I transmute, eradicate and annihilate negative energy wherever I go,

I love to travel in Australia and around the world with my earthy husband, experiencing adventures along the way.

I am just a dynamic soul trying to be a functional human and showing you how to do it too!

Naomi's Credentials:

Dip. Ed., B.Education., M.A.S.C. (B.Counselling.S.), Reiki Master, Seichim Master, Energy Surgery (Cert.), Crystal Reiki (Cert.), Angel Light (Cert.), Bardic Branch of the ACOD Grove of Hibernian Order of Druids, ‘The Emotion Code’ Certified Practitioner, Certificate in Shamanic Studies.

Contact Naomi Beth

Please don’t hesitate to contact Naomi with any comments, questions, or special requests. This is the only way to contact Naomi personally.

Queensland, Australia

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